Keep cool in all situations.
Our Staychill Chill Trays are all in gastronorm sizes and will keep your food appetizingly fresh, and most importantly, cold.

Staychill: An Introduction

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The demand for chilled served food is growing stronger than ever before, especially as buffets and smorgasbords are getting more and more popular. In Sweden, buffets have been commonplace for many years. Staychill was started in 2004 and has up until today helped thousands of satisfied customers. With Staychill Chill Trays you can keep your served food cold for longer in a simple, cost efficient way.

Whether it is for the breakfast buffet or the salad buffet, Staychill is the effective solution for keeping food cold. Our Chill Trays keep anything from sandwiches to butter cold, whilst being an excellent helper for Christmas buffets as well as any cold cut smorgasbords.

Simply put, we believe chilled food should only be served fresh and tasty, and we aim to keep our products of the highest quality, thus keeping our costumers satisfied. Our Chill Trays are adjusted for gastronorm measurements (GN) and are therefore easy to fit in serving counters etc.

Our Chill Trays are manufactured from 1 mm anodised aluminium plate on the outside and EPS insulation, including refrigerant bags on the inside. Equipped with 4 rubber feet underneath. All materials are recyclable. To ensure a continuous and smooth usage, we recommend alternating a set of two chill trays.

Technical Information

Put the Staychill Chill Tray in freezer for at least 8 hours. It can be frozen stacked vertically or horizontally. After freezing, the Chill Tray will remain a temperature below +8 °C for approximately 2-3 hours.

Chilled food must maintain a temperature of maximum +8 °C to avoid increased bacteria growth and deterioration in taste and quality. Cold food must be chilled in a refrigerator before being placed on the Chill Tray.

 Clean Staychill Chill Trays with lukewarm water and a damp cloth. Staychill Chill Trays are not to be washed in dishwater.

Measurements (mm)

Q-Railing Glas & Byggnadsbeslag

Keep in freezer for 4 hours before use, lasts for approximately 3 hours.

Q-Railing Glas & Byggnadsbeslag

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